How it began for me

When we moved into our house on Highway H just at the Kirksville city limit sign on May 28, 2010, I was amazed at how many cyclists and runners went past our house every day, given that the road is so narrow, the speed limit is so high, and traffic at times high volume. I have been cycling for transportation for 5 years. In March 2007, I took the Traffic Skills 101 course offered by the League of American Bicyclists, and my confidence in cycling with traffic soared. I biked everywhere, even from our home in Columbia, MO to Omaha, NE and back!

Progress to date

In November I contacted City Council. I explained that I believed the speed limit on Boundary to be too fast given the number of cyclists & runners who use that street. They referred me to the Airport and Transportation Commission. At the same time I contacted MoDOT. It took me a few days to work my way around to the person I needed to talk to. MoDOT isn't transparent about who is responsible for what, hiding behind things like "Region 5". Eventually I spoke to someone who said he'd do a traffic study. Then the Airport & Transportation Commission correspondent returned my call.
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